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link:[]: nejlepší z možných výzkumů (in english: Best of All Possible Researches) is a subversive online psychological test created in collaboration with Barbora Šimková. Unlike normal psychological tests the is not focused on testing its users - instead it uses crowdsourced prejudice of its users to test top 100 of Czech billionaires. The questions taken from Somatic Checklist 90 test and BigFive personality test are presented with random pairs of billionaires’ faces to the visitors who then choose which one of the two most likely fits into the question. The data are then validated and psychological profiles and other results for each of 100 billionaires are shown.

One can say it is just crowdsourced biases or some kind of frenology which is however applied onto the most powerful ones instead of the weakest. In situation in which we have nearly zero sociological and psychhological researches about the richest this research is just the best possible of all possible/existing researches.