Andreas Gajdosik
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Unhuman Resources

Unhuman Resources is online media intervention thematizing the power of Czech prime minister Andrej Babiš over news servers link:[] and link:[] which he both owns. It consists of two fake web pages link:[] and link:[] (later link:[]) which mocks their original versions by altering the text of every article. In these edits which appears on every mention of Babis’s name, his political party ANO, or just randomly at the ends of paragraphs, the (fictional) toxic relationship of owner and employee is slowly revealed.

For the purpose of this artwork I have created custom software for the web server which allows automated editions of the text in realtime. Whole project will be open sourced later so it can be reused for any other web page. However the code needs some cleaning so it will be published later in the autumn of 2019.