Andreas Gajdosik
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#arte útil

Crisis Fund

‘Crisis Fund’, in the authorial duo with Jonas Svoboda, is an artwork consisting in minimizing the costs of creating the work and transferring the exhibition budget for the realization of the work to other artists. Presented as part of the ‘Good Job’ exhibition, this artwork allows visiting artists to apply for financial assistance to cover expenses such as transportation, materials or fees that were not covered in their own art projects in the previous year.

Veřejně prospěšné umělecké práce / Community Art Service

In order to explore the meaning of art in times of pandemic and war, I decided to be radically useful. Wearing a work suit with the inscription “Community Art Service”, I cleaned up the city of Pardubice for a month. Freed from the pressure of assignments, demands and supervision of a traditional employer, as a free worker I let myself be openly guided and dérived by the situations, people and streets of an unknown city.

Mailbox for Feedback

I have installed a mailbox on stairs near main classrooms of Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno. It asks employees, students and visitors to write down their ideas on what is and what is not working well on the faculty. Even though the mailbox was installed as a guerilla act the text on it used official language and looked like it was realized by the faculty. Later I have sent to the Dean a letter containg keys for the mailbox and also stating: ‘I thought it could be useful, so I did it.


Nomin (2017-2018) is project in progress on the edge of software, institutional critique and collective performance. Its main goal is to help artists from weakened social groups (students, pregnant artists, those who live outside big centers, easterners) with acceleration of their careers. For this purpose I have created an open source GUI application for Linux, Mac and Windows called Nomin which provides its users the ability of sending fake emails from addresses of famous curators to the mailboxes of selected galleries or other institutions.