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Mailbox for Feedback

I have installed a mailbox on stairs near main classrooms of Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno. It asks employees, students and visitors to write down their ideas on what is and what is not working well on the faculty. Even though the mailbox was installed as a guerilla act the text on it used official language and looked like it was realized by the faculty. Later I have sent to the Dean a letter containg keys for the mailbox and also stating: ‘I thought it could be useful, so I did it.

Mail from mr. Ondracka

Using custom bash script and telnet I have sent fake mail to vast majority of students at Faculty of Fine Arts. The mail looked like if it was from Vice-Dean for student affairs Pavel Ondracka: it has his email address in the header, used his style of language and welcomed all students in new building of FFA. However it also announced several changes in the organozation of the study and faculty.