Andreas Gajdosik
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Konec Vlády Autostrády / The End of the Motorway Rule

A series of posters in support of the “Thirty for Prague” movement to limit the speed limit to 30km/h in Prague. The parody series depicts the Mayor of Prague Bohuslav Svoboda, who is a big fan of car traffic, in the style of socialist realism. On the posters Svoboda is depicted as a communist dictator standing in front of crowds of cars. In this artwork Prague’s main road “Magistrála”, a de facto highway stretching through the city centre, served me as the link between the current right-wing and the communist regime.


Tauto is artistic software for activists and anybody else which allows to spread comments on Twitter. It is a command line tool to automate interactions of bot accounts on Twitter via Twitter’s graphical user interface (website in browser). Tauto is thus capable of interactions which are not available through Twitter API or which could be blocked if used in high volumes via API. Exploring the space of evil media it is a sarcastic comment on bot farms, but also a useful piece of software.

Power Play

Performance as a dreamy power play. I’ve imagined an alternative world where there is a socially engaged and non-xenophobic hockey fan. Wearing the jersey and merchandise of the Kometa hockey club, I protested against the election of the racist and antisocial Stanislav Kreck as ombudsman of the Czech Republic. After the publication of the report in the media, there followed several mass patrol actions of the fanclub after the degenerate fan among them.

Rtutík / Mercurie

In 2019 the Regional Office in Pardubice approved emission exception for Chvaletice power plant. The exeption allowed the power plant to emit 300 kilograms of mercury over the normal emission limit. During the action days of czech Climate Camp 2019 I have realized a protest performance in the streets of Pardubice. Covered in thermofoil I have played huge droplet of mercury flowing through the city and spreading the word about beauties of mercury.