Andreas Gajdosik
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#institutional critique

Crisis Fund

‘Crisis Fund’, in the authorial duo with Jonas Svoboda, is an artwork consisting in minimizing the costs of creating the work and transferring the exhibition budget for the realization of the work to other artists. Presented as part of the ‘Good Job’ exhibition, this artwork allows visiting artists to apply for financial assistance to cover expenses such as transportation, materials or fees that were not covered in their own art projects in the previous year.

Sauna / What Dean Promised I am Doing

As part of pre-election promises for both terms the current dean of Faculty of Fine Arts promised a school sauna for students and employees of faculty. However this populist promise was never realized. To react I took his promise seriously and tried my best… Sauna was operating from January 2017 to March 2017, freely open to all students, employees and visitors of faculty.