Andreas Gajdosik
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The Raft of the Frogman

Performance as an interface between IT worker, frog in a pot, grotesque and ecological tragedy. I created a floating monument of recycling out of waste plastic containers for motor oil as a solution for unlimited production. Dressed in normcore clothing, I then took to the water to celebrate the triumph of man over the impact of man with three victorious frog leaps. Then it got ugly. Vacation on a warming lake turned into a nightmare for the unaware ICT worker, Mr Froggie (1-99).

Veřejně prospěšné umělecké práce / Community Art Service

In order to explore the meaning of art in times of pandemic and war, I decided to be radically useful. Wearing a work suit with the inscription “Community Art Service”, I cleaned up the city of Pardubice for a month. Freed from the pressure of assignments, demands and supervision of a traditional employer, as a free worker I let myself be openly guided and dérived by the situations, people and streets of an unknown city.

Black Fly Day

Using industrial waste from material bank provided by PLATO I have created two boxes for cultivation of meat flies in the exhibition space. Grown-up flies were later released by me in two big shopping malls in the Ostrava city. Black Fly Day (2020) is an object/intervention created for the exhibition Sand in the Gears in gallery PLATO Ostrava.

Power Play

Performance as a dreamy power play. I’ve imagined an alternative world where there is a socially engaged and non-xenophobic hockey fan. Wearing the jersey and merchandise of the Kometa hockey club, I protested against the election of the racist and antisocial Stanislav Kreck as ombudsman of the Czech Republic. After the publication of the report in the media, there followed several mass patrol actions of the fanclub after the degenerate fan among them.

Rtutík / Mercurie

In 2019 the Regional Office in Pardubice approved emission exception for Chvaletice power plant. The exeption allowed the power plant to emit 300 kilograms of mercury over the normal emission limit. During the action days of czech Climate Camp 2019 I have realized a protest performance in the streets of Pardubice. Covered in thermofoil I have played huge droplet of mercury flowing through the city and spreading the word about beauties of mercury.

One Hour of Work

One Hour of Work (2014) is series of 3 photographs. The photographs do not only refer working author or his graphical card on visual basis but also on capitalist level: earned money were used for printing of the actual pictures. Thus the more earning work, the bigger photography.