Andreas Gajdosik
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Tauto is artistic software for activists and anybody else which allows to spread comments on Twitter. It is a command line tool to automate interactions of bot accounts on Twitter via Twitter’s graphical user interface (website in browser). Tauto is thus capable of interactions which are not available through Twitter API or which could be blocked if used in high volumes via API. Exploring the space of evil media it is a sarcastic comment on bot farms, but also a useful piece of software.

link:[]: nejlepší z možných výzkumů (in english: Best of All Possible Researches) is a subversive online psychological test created in collaboration with Barbora Šimková. Unlike normal psychological tests the is not focused on testing its users - instead it uses crowdsourced prejudice of its users to test top 100 of Czech billionaires. The questions taken from Somatic Checklist 90 test and BigFive personality test are presented with random pairs of billionaires’ faces to the visitors who then choose which one of the two most likely fits into the question.

Unhuman Resources

Unhuman Resources is online media intervention thematizing the power of Czech prime minister Andrej Babiš over news servers link:[] and link:[] which he both owns. It consists of two fake web pages link:[] and link:[] (later link:[]) which mocks their original versions by altering the text of every article. In these edits which appears on every mention of Babis’s name, his political party ANO, or just randomly at the ends of paragraphs, the (fictional) toxic relationship of owner and employee is slowly revealed.


Nomin (2017-2018) is project in progress on the edge of software, institutional critique and collective performance. Its main goal is to help artists from weakened social groups (students, pregnant artists, those who live outside big centers, easterners) with acceleration of their careers. For this purpose I have created an open source GUI application for Linux, Mac and Windows called Nomin which provides its users the ability of sending fake emails from addresses of famous curators to the mailboxes of selected galleries or other institutions.

Take Away

Take Away (2017) is a gallery project which consisted of 330 criminal complaints for incitement of hatred. Criminal complaints were automatically generated with all needed legal reasoning and filled with names and actual citations of users who aggressively commented on anti-islamic or other far-right Facebook pages. The visitors could freely search and read through the complaints and take whichever they want, however they were not directly asked in any way to submit them. (2016) is a fake web of czech anti-islamic movement. It gathers data from Facebook groups which are focused against refugees and islam and makes daily, weekly and monthly rankings. Those who were commenting most are then winners of the league. However what on on first sight looks like a classic right wing web page - colored with tricolora - later gives unpleasant image of czech anti-islamic movement. The page is full of real comments whose authors sends other people to gas, who wish them drowning in sea, full of vulgarisms etc.

Rumours to MIDI

Rumours to MIDI (2015) is a custom program written in Python. It scans Twitter for selected words and in real time it generates MIDI notes. Thus it can be used to produce strange rhytms or melodies from information all around the world.

Dusk /Simulation 1/

Dusk /Simulation 1/ is a video of shopping mall interior from which were removed all moving objects. Without those in hurry the resting and waiting persons, who contradicts the logic of shopping mall are shown and amplified. The removal was done automatically in real time with custom program written in C++ with library OpenFrameworks. Original plan was to provide a live stream from shopping mall, but this was refused by its managment.

Tweet Coding Performances

Performances with group Pavel Ondracka which used data from Twitter to change parameters of sound synthesizers. Through prepared system of commands every spectator could change the musical output.