Andreas Gajdosik
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Truthify, in collaboration with Vilem Duha and Petr Racek, is a speculative video (7:38) about the eponymous startup that seeks to manipulate the perception of reality of future neural networks through the manipulation of open source datasets. Specifically, to map a dataset of images of Czech art under the general tag of art, with the aim of promoting Czech art as more detectable and known, and therefore as more arty than global art.

Conclusions of Police Investigation

Conclusions of Police Investigation is a site-specific video created for exhibition at gallery Umakart. In the video two persons are playing a board game Unusual Suspects. In this game one person is the witness to a crime. He knows who the culprit is but can only answer “Yes” or “No” to questions about the suspect. The second person is a detective trying to make sure the right person gets locked up from a line up of twelve hand drawn suspects.

Dusk /Simulation 1/

Dusk /Simulation 1/ is a video of shopping mall interior from which were removed all moving objects. Without those in hurry the resting and waiting persons, who contradicts the logic of shopping mall are shown and amplified. The removal was done automatically in real time with custom program written in C++ with library OpenFrameworks. Original plan was to provide a live stream from shopping mall, but this was refused by its managment.